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About Me!

Hey Y'all!

I am a costume designer, burlesque artist, actor, dancer, and choreographer currently based in Orlando. I love to create art that showcases a basis in classical style seen through a modern lens.

I am currently the Costume Shop Manager for

Metropolis Productions, where we focus on large-scale corporate entertainment. Some of our clients include Mary Kay, Walmart, Disney, Universal, Sherwin Williams, Hello! DMC and many more!


As a burlesque artist I have performed across central Florida and in this coming year I'm going to be expanding to Burlesque across the nation!

Recently I portrayed Blanche DuBois in an immersive production of A Streetcar Named Desire at Timucua Arts Foundation.

Aside from being a multi-hyphenate I also enjoy hiking, playing the autoharp, being a cat mom (pictured right, his name is Greggory)  and hunting down the best vegan fried chickn'!

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