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Daily my designs can be found at The Edison in Walt Disney World, featured in "The Inventor" and the nightly "The Sound Society Radio" show.

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A Streetcar Named Desire


"The show, though, belongs to Indigo Leigh. Her Blanche is running, almost hurtling ahead, through sheer force of mental will — but is never giving up. And critically, the more lapses in judgment she makes and the more lies she spins, the more approachable — and dare I say, even likeable? — she seems.

Haven’t we all at one time or another felt like an outsider? Or made a major mistake out of emotional pain? Or tried to shift our own reality to what we desperately wanted? Or gotten in a little over our heads and then found ourselves drowning?

Leigh captures all of this. And she never seems like she’s trying to be funny, which makes Blanche all the more entertaining to watch. The fact Leigh is a trans actress adds a thoughtful layer to Blanche’s “outsider” status, but her take on Blanche is so organic you might not consciously think about that at all."
-Orlando Sentinel

"These princesses look fabulous: Indigo Leigh has cleverly crafted costumes that let you know exactly who these characters are with a dollop of sassy flair."
- Orlando Sentinel



"Indigo Leigh’s costumes have a fun and appropriately nostalgic feel — ah, the horizontal stripes of the 1970s — with attention to detail down to how belts were worn."
- Orlando Sentinel

Fun Home

fun home - performance - oct 2021 (158).jpg

"[Indigo Leigh] has undeniable stage presence and star power, their turn as the Spirit of Christmas Past a highlight of the show."
-Broadway World

A Christmas Carol


Leonard Bernstein's Mass


"The University of Central Florida produced a “Mass” that both stirred the spirit and touched the heart...
Choreography by [Indigo Leigh]... complemented the eclectic nature of the music — everything from hymns to full-on rock — with an energizing pastiche of classical and contemporary styles. (Was that a touch of Madonna’s “Vogue”? A nod to a Ukrainian tropak?)"
Orlando Sentinel

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